T is for... (continued)  


Innovative thinking would involve spending millions on development of communities in pursuit of peace rather than billions on weaponry and destroying neighborhoods in pursuit of militants.


Incisive thinking would include identifying and addressing the problems and plight of those in desperation before the long festering problems develop into full scale insurgencies and terrorists take advantage of the destabilized situation.


Independent thinking would be not to blindly follow the herd by buying billions of dollars of arms and continuing to aid and abet reprehensible regimes in their commission of state-sponsored terrorism.  Independent thinking requires boldly supporting human rights of all people under occupation and insisting on one standard to which all nations and peoples should be held accountable.


Too many innocent persons among the general population are trapped in the middle of various conflicts and numerous victims are blown up by terrorists and during anti-terrorism operations.


For defense contractors, some government officials, countless terrorism “experts”, terrorism researchers, security consultants, arms traffickers and militant outfits it is party time as they are all having a blast.