Shoe in Politics (continued)


As for the clutch of shoe throwers, they have not confined their throws to one political party but they have hurled their footwear on or near several candidates of their choosing.  If the incidence of shoe throwing proliferates, this could even become a national pastime and several voters might attempt to throw as many shoes as necessary to obtain an entry in the Guinness book of records. 


Some sure-footed politicians, ever ready to see the golden streaks in the silver lining of rusting metal, might even be inclined to convert these signs of disrespect into signs of approval.  One politician could boast that his constituents were not only ready to give the shirts off their backs but also the shoes off their feet.  Another might counter that he was on the receiving end of the most number of shoes and it was a definite sign that the electorate wanted to ensure he had enough shoes to go the distance in his run for political office.


The risk the politicians might face is that instead of “foot in the mouth” syndrome they might be stricken with a severe case of “shoes in your face”.  As for the electorate, some voters will have the satisfaction of literally giving the boot to their politicking politicians.