Second-hand Smoke


There is no such thing as a free lunch. You always want what you can't have.  Cliches referring to things we might want but cannot have.


When it comes to second-hand smoke, unfortunately, there is such a thing as a free smoke - blown into our nostrils by unconcerned smokers. Second-hand smoke is what non-smokers never want but always have - anywhere and everywhere there is a puff of smoke.


In this day and age when the detrimental effects of smoking and second-hand smoke are widely known, it is incomprehensible that so many smokers still smoke and generously share their poisonous intake with all passers-by.


There are laws prohibiting smoking within offices and now in restaurants and other public confines. While offices now are smoke-free, the same cannot be said for other public places. There are laws that forbid smoking in public transport and transit locations. These laws unfortunately are hard to monitor and the law authorities do not seem eager to enforce the laws.


The police should try and enforce the anti-smoking laws with the same zeal with which they apprehend persons who are speeding or parking illegally. Try parking your car in a metered parking spot on a quiet Sunday afternoon and as soon as the time runs out on your parking meter, the traffic police descend with eagle-eyed precision and a steely determination to separate you from your money.