Endless                                                                                                    22 May 2011


21 May 2011 6 PM – the End of Times for this world according to 89-year-old Harold Camping, an apocalyptic proselytizer who might be just an apoplectic, if not apologetic, proselytizer now that his dire prophecy has failed to materialize (or more accurately dematerialize).  Mr. Camping’s cult is supported by almost $100 million in funds from his numerous followers.  The question remains how much of his funding and followers will still follow the misleading leader.  Mr. Camping had previously predicted global demise in 1994 but after surviving that near death experience attributed his mistake to a mathematical miscalculation.  Many of his followers sold all their belongings and left their jobs in preparation for the end of the world.  Do poor, unemployed persons get preferential treatment over rich workers during a time of rapture?  


Some enterprising people will always seize the financial rewards in any situation and the apocalypse certainly has many out-of-this-world, going-out-of-business liquidation opportunities.  A pet care provider in Australia promised clients in her “after the rapture” web site that she would look after the ownerless pets in a post-rapturous world if pet owners paid her $10.00.  There were actually a few believers who sent in their share for the pet care.  The pet owners were probably under the impression that pets were not allowed on board the “Rapture Express” and that the pet care provider was being allowed to remain to turn out the lights once everyone else had been transported by the rapture.


Believers cannot be blamed for believing that they are facing the end of times what with the recession, the wars, conflicts, killings, terror (state-sponsored and rebel related) as well as the belligerent and bellicose bluster of loutish “leaders”.  Mr. Camping’s followers had been informed that Doomsday would occur in stages as the clock struck 6 pm in each time zone.  New Zealand would be the first to have an end of the world experience followed by Australia going from “Down Under” to “Up Ever” in a manner of speaking.  Mr. Camping, being wiser this time around after outliving his 1994 Doomsday prediction, had hedged his bets and made plans to watch baseball on TV on Sunday if Doomsday was a no-show on Saturday.  He had said that he would only be disappointed if his baseball team lost but he should realize his team’s loss is not necessarily the end of the world.