New Year Resolutions                                                                       1 January 2011



The WikiLeaks and the 2G scam revelations have reaffirmed the longstanding view regarding the nexus among the ruling class, the corporate class and the criminal class.  In many cases ruling politicians and their extended families are members of all three classes.  The agents and lobbyists for these classes have benefited to such an extent that they have also become a part of the culture they represent.  


With the confluence of wealth, power and privilege, some members of this elite set have become emboldened to act outside the confines of the established laws.  Whistleblowers have been harassed and threatened and there have been instances when either the whistleblowers or their family members have been harmed in order to try and silence the publication of the facts.  


2010 was also the year of towering ambition as the new urban slight on the landscape appeared as an architectural anachronism, showcasing wealth amid the rampant poverty.  The internal adornments were found to be on a higher scale than in Versailles.  The lessons of Versailles and history were not the focus when the French head of state arrived.


Due to the courageous efforts of the whistleblowers, their supporters and numerous members of the public (who want to hold their elective leadership accountable to the people that they are supposed to represent), the elite offenders are on the defensive.  There are several ongoing and scheduled investigations into the illegal and immoral activities of the political perpetrators.  The unfolding events will result in the families, cronies and the political perpetrators who have broken the laws receiving heir 2011 comeuppance.