High and Low  (continued)



Tall men believed that their brains, situated at an elevated location, allows for a higher level of reasoning and makes them natural leaders.  Short men assert that they are able to think quicker on their feet since it takes less time for thoughts to travel from their heads to their toes.


Tall men declare that short leaders have a Napoleonic complex and are minute men with megalomanias.  They add that all short leaders have been either hotheaded revolutionaries or cold-blooded despots.  Short men caustically counter that tall leaders have always ranked high in instigating towering crises.


Short men say that tall men are making mountains out of molehills and all the problems of tall men go over their heads.  Tall men insist that short men are going under with their repetitive refrain of stunted expressions.


Tall men state that short men can only speak one tongue - the language of height.  Short men proclaim that they do not want to be denigrated any further with the “short” epithet and they want to be referred to from now on by the politically correct term “Vertically Challenged”.