Medical  Malpractice                                                                    1 December 2010


Doctors are for the most part dedicated individuals who have spent many years studying and continuously updating their body of knowledge.  As a result of their expertise, skills and efforts, many of them are wealthy individuals and some contribute and become involved with political issues.   Some doctors have their pictures taken with political candidates at fundraisers that they prominently display in their offices.  There are many fine physicians and hardly anyone would begrudge them their wealth, influence and position.  


There are a few doctors who are not medically competent and abuse their Hippocratic Oath “First Do No Harm”.   In many instances, some of these bad apples have been able to commit numerous medical gaffes without  being censured and disbarred from medical practice.  Some of these incompetent medical personnel do not skimp when it is time to claim their large medical fees for questionable or medically negligent services (at best).


Some physicians blithely prescribe multiple medicines each with a host of side effects and are only concerned with continuing their lucrative financial relationship with the pharmaceutical companies.   A few physicians are criminally incompetent in their supervision of their medical teams and allow highly questionable and / or unethical medical procedures to be performed under their watch.     


The following medical personnel are under investigation by the Attorney General’s office and in the interests of patient safety, patients are cautioned about utilizing their services:


             1)       Ram Bangalore

                        Medical Care Associates LLC

                        1740 Oak Tree Road, Edison, NJ 08820-2847


             2)      Moheb Abdelmalek

                        (and his ER Team (Technician Kelly, RN Moscone et al)

                                                      at JFK Hospital, Edison, NJ)

                        E-5 Brier Hill Court, East Brunswick, NJ 08815