Images and Reflections (continued)


While the ads are created to encourage consumers to buy products that are new and different, most consumers, according to the focus groups and the advertising gurus, will be more inclined to purchase products if the ads feature persons belonging to the same old background.


I have given a lot of thought to solving this conundrum and my solution follows.  (I would request all advertisers utilizing my idea to reimburse my creative efforts with a percentage of the profits).  In place of the minority / majority model in the ad, insert a mirrored surface.  


Any person, walking past and glancing at the ad, will see their own reflection and will be immediately drawn to the advertised product as they can fully relate to and identify with the model in the ad.  There will be an immediate rush to go out and purchase the product and the advertisers will see a marked increase in their profits.  


The only drawback to my ideal form of advertising is that since the advertisers cannot know at any given time who might walk past their ads, those companies that only sell products to a certain segment of the population would not be able to utilize my advertising idea.  For, I am sure advertisers would not want kids rushing out to buy Geritol, nor for that matter would they want very elderly persons, moving as fast as their walkers allowed them, to head out and buy Jets skis.        


In closing, I will add a caveat, “Caveat Emptor” and attention advertisers - use my idea wisely and widely and keep sending me the percentage payments.