Full Circle



The objective was to support the emancipation

Of a population suffering under repression

The consequences were the destruction and destitution

Of the leaders and other people in controlled confusion.


Historically conquerors do not always vanquish

By killing the opposition, defiance and anger do not perish

But rather deep-rooted animosities begin to take root and flourish

Futile to reorder the destiny of peoples and the values they cherish.


The patterns of future conflicts are based on a collage of past battles

It is not a question of wiping out the enemy in a series of debacles

In war, the victors end up being owned as much as their chattels

And another resilient generation appears to claim their mantles.


It is necessary in order to progress forward

To prevent those who wish to regress backward

By meditating on the motivations inward

Proper ideas can generate just actions outward.