Faith Full (continued)



My faith provides me with sustenance and comfort when I am confronted by ignorance and cynicism.  


My faith reassures me with confidence and righteousness when faced with denigration and defamation.  


My faith helps me to focus on what is important - my family and values - and it is my shield of sanity when faced with lunatic rumors and falsehoods.


My faith gives me a purpose-filled drive when I am in the midst of inanity and aimlessness.  


My faith is my anchor of calm in a tempestuous ocean and it is my idyllic oasis in a barren desert.  


My faith helps me to stay grounded during times of upheaval and it uplifts me to great heights during times of despair.


My faith is based on the wisdom of millennia past yet finds greater resonance and relevance with every passing day.  


My faith is a joyful festival of sound, aroma and light - a holistic feast in every sense.  


My faith is a silent and serene transcendence of the consciousness.


The faith of my forefathers is the faith of my own.