Faith Full


The faith of my forefathers is a faith of their own.


Religion is one of those sensitive issues that usually are not discussed, either due to a written or unwritten decree, in the workplace. This is a good idea especially in the multicultural, multiethnic and multi-religious workplace of today.  


However, as with all working persons, we have a corporate existence and a private life outside working hours. The need to have a work-life balance is now widely recognized and encouraged by most employers.  So it is in my personal surroundings and not in the public space, that I address the issue of my faith.


Religion plays a very personal and pivotal role in my family, as in most families. I approach the topic of religion with years of focused familiarity and fervent faith. Religion is an intrinsic facet of daily existence, extending beyond a cyclical visit to a house of worship. Belief, in conjunction with yoga and meditation, works wonders for my powers of concentration, memory, determination and well-being. It has helped me to endure through years of stress when I had to deal with special interest politics in the workplace and my integrity and professionalism were attacked through rumor and innuendo, due to my views and support for political issues outside work.  My faith has enabled me to weather all my personal storms which were after all essentially minor and meaningless tempests in a teapot.


What does my religion mean to me?