Creed of Greed (continued)















As can be seen from the list of financial scandals, the yardstick varies for each of the defendants with no standard correlation between the financial losses suffered by the investors and the corresponding sentences.  In one particularly egregious instance, the defendant was absolved of all criminal activity with the issuance of a Presidential pardon.


As long as the nexus of organized politics (dishonorable rogue politicians), organized crime (criminal political lobbies, covert operatives, thugs and gangsters), organized bureaucracy (immoral and pliant public officials and unprincipled law persons), organized medicine (unethical and unqualified medical personnel and unscrupulous pharmaceutical companies) and organized business (crooked brokers and corrupt corporate heads) continue to abuse the public trust, they will continue to literally get away with murder.


While a few persons from the Indian subcontinent are involved in financial scandals in the West, some Indian politicians, CEOs, intermediaries and other associated persons are embroiled in the 2G scam, the largest financial scam in Indian history.  It is shameful that the powers that be in some South Asian nations have imported and adopted the culture of aggression, weaponization and vulture capitalism, avidly pursuing and propagating the “creed of greed” philosophy.