Mumbai Massacre Memorial                                                           26 November 2009


One year after the massacre, the families of the victims and survivors remain scarred by the horrific attacks.  The Indian government and the people of Mumbai as well as in the rest of India have shown the world how a civilized country and its democratic citizens behave under duress after being attacked with mindless savagery.  India needs to receive justice from the Pakistani-based perpetrators.  It is time for Pakistan to recognize that cooperating with India and rooting out the extremists is the only path to stability in South Asia.  Pakistan is also faced with numerous terror attacks initiated by religious extremists.  The time has come for Pakistan to work in solidarity with India to prevent vested interests from further destabilizing the region by creating mistrust between the two South Asian states.   


Surveying Surveillance                                                                    27 November 2009


With the ever greater profusion and easy availability of multi-function high-tech gadgetry, there has been a corresponding increase in criminal gangs utilizing the latest technology for their disreputable purposes.  The modus operandi of some of these criminal gangs is to use the recordings from video cameras in public places to assume a familiarity with the unwary victims that does not exist.  A recently published book detailed how a spy master for one of the spy agencies used the same technique by being recorded on a public camera near an opposing agent to sow suspicion and dissent among the opposing agent’s cohorts.  Some special interest organizations have been employing the same techniques, most notably practiced by the Mossad, to advance their nefarious agendas.  However advanced the technology, there is always the probability that the spinners of sophistry will become entangled in their own web of deceit.  This brings to mind two appropriate adages: those behind the lens may be under the false assumption that “we are the masters of all that we survey” (including those under the lens) but they could very well end up entrapped in the “…wicked web we weave when we practice to deceive” abyss.