The State of Tamils                                                                          16 November 2009


The government of India is now providing additional security to the Sri Lankan cricket team following complaints from the Sri Lanka government.  That is good news for the Sri Lankan cricketers who will be secure during their visit to India.  The Tamils have been complaining about Sri Lankan government atrocities and the Indian government failed to provide security for the Tamils in Sri Lanka.  The Sri Lankan army have secured Tamil civilians in refugee camps following the Sri Lankan army assault on Tamil areas of Sri Lanka resulting in the deaths of thousands of Tamil civilians and the displacement of hundreds of thousands more Tamils.  The Indian government is considering financial aid to resettle the Tamil civilians.  Instead of wasting money to set up the Tamils in Sri Lankan government secured zones (where the Tamils will have all the rights of second-class citizens), the government of India should help establish an independent state of Eilam to ensure that Tamils will not be subjected to further human rights abuses and that they will be able to live securely and freely.    


Hippocratic Hype                                                                              24 November 2009


The majority of practitioners of medicine are a dedicated, hardworking and high-minded set of individuals.  Unfortunately, a minuscule minority of medical degree holders not only harm the image of a distinguished profession but of greater significance harm the patients under their care.  The Hippocratic Oath which is the basic tenet for all medical students instructs them to “First Do No Harm” and this guiding code of conduct has been one of the casualties at the hands of incompetent and / or criminally negligent medical personnel.