The Heart of Politics                                                                           31 October 2009


The old saying that “Politics is a dirty sport” has been justified many times over in almost every country in the world based on the numerous new reports of official corruption, misuse of official power and in many extreme cases the killing of opponents, critics and whistle blowers.  Political machinations and misconduct have always been an aggravating but accepted necessary evil in many developing nations.  Developed nations were supposed to have a greater level of transparency as well as checks and balances to prevent political transgression, but under the new reign of terror many checks have been lifted and there is an imbalance in favor of political figures limiting the rights of ordinary civilians.  Cases of citizens being harmed due to political malfeasance have merited little or no publicity due to a combination of factors - the short attention span of the general public, the priority coverage given to multiple conflicts and wars around the globe, effective gagging of key officials and witnesses by powerful political arm-twisting and the inability of the aggrieved civilians to obtain effective legal aid.  It is befitting on this Halloween, to remember Edgar Allan Poe’s short story of the “Tell-Tale Heart” and remind errant politicians that sooner or later the public always gets to the heart of the matter.



Internet Illegality                                                                                2 November 2009


There are many fraudulent sites on the Internet and Articlesbase.com - which should actually be renamed Articlesbase.CON - is one of them.  Articlesbase.com claims to help their contributors earn revenue legitimately based on the number of visitors selecting (clicking on) the author’s articles.  This is a web site that includes links in a Google search to an author’s articles but clicking on those links redirects the traffic to articles written by other authors.  On noticing these incorrect links in Google and requesting the administrators of Articlesbase.com to display the correct links to the submitted articles several times, the erroneous links were removed for a few days, only to reappear the next time a Google search was conducted.  All the original articles were deleted from Articlesbase.com following no correction to their unethical practices.  The erroneous links are still displayed under Google and Articlesbase.com continues to earning illegal revenue for their select group of contributors.